Has this happened to you?

  • You know the information is there, but you just can’t find it.
  • You have done this in the past, but it’s been a while and you don’t quite remember how, so you have to redo the work.
  • You can’t find any experts in the company any more. There has been a “brain drain” resulting from a push to have a ‘lean’ organization.
  • Bob is on vacation in the Alaskan wilderness and nobody knows how to finish that crucial contract he was working on.
  • Your information search was “successful.” Now, which one of the 187 items you found is really relevant?
  • Your production team used an old procedure and a large batch of the product is out of spec (luckily nobody got injured).
  • You want to have ALL the documents related to your project in one place, under control and accessible, but you can only find part of them.

We can solve all these problems!

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