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Management of Change (MOC)

The Great MOC Solution© is a unique database to help manage your MOC system with:

• password protected coordinator, approver, manager accounts.
• customizable checklists and customizable number of approvals
• pre-startup safety review (PSSR) integrated with the MOC
• pre-configured reports for open, past due, and upcoming MOCs
• one-button personalized e-mails for requesting and granting approval
• e-mail reminders (individual or group) for past-due and upcoming MOCs
• fully searchable from any screen
• use this fully electronic system or print the MOCs for a paper system
NEW full metrics with graphs showing open and past due MOCs, as well as starts and completions, for any time period

There are many other features that can be explored with the fully functional demo below.

Read PDF before downloading    (Get Adobe Reader)

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Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)

Although many programs exist for helping facilitate and document PHAs, The Great PHA Facilitator© has many more features at a lower cost. It is a fully searchable database that includes linked databases for action items, recommendations, human factors and facility siting studies, piping, equipment and instrumentation specs, grouping for QRA, etc.

NEW Customizable color risk matrix
• Save and view your P&IDs from the software

Download PDF of The Great PHA Facilitator© features   (Get Adobe Reader)

Download PDF of Demo Instructions

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