Applications and Services

The KM system can be applied to any type of industry or government organization without exception. Although a KM system can and should be applied enterprise wide, the cost-benefit ratio is very advantageous and the payback almost immediate for specific functions:

  • Implementation of a fully controlled and auditable Quality, ISO, or GMP system.
  • Full project documentation management (the larger the project, the larger the savings) and integration of the finished project documentation into the business.
  • Management of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) or Process Safety departments, or others that are in the regulatory arena.
  • Businesses that deal with large amounts of contracts, leases and agreements.
  • Capture and preservation of critical business processes.
  • Creation of an electronic manual for any part of the business or manufacturing process.

Our Services

  • Analysis of your business processes and recommendation of a knowledge structure that follows those processes.
  • Implementation of the knowledge structure such that is integrated with your processes and doesn’t require continuous attention and care.
  • Preparation of a document, gateway or portal through which all the company’s information can be accessed.
  • If you don’t currently have a Document Management System, help with bid preparation, vendor selection, purchase and implementation of the system.
  • Incorporation and linking of your legacy documents into the system.
  • Post-implementation audit of the system and addition of experience-based improvements.
  • User training and ‘training of the trainers’.
  • Optional implementation and integration of an electronic workflow system.

Special Expertise

For those concerned with Environmental, Health and Safety issues, a KM system can become the cornerstone of an outstanding EHS Management system or of a Process Safety Management (PSM) system. KnowledgeOne has special expertise in those areas.

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